Hidden Pen Spy Camera – True 2k Recording

Spy cameras are a great way to discreetly get photos and video footage. They can be used by surveillance agencies, by students, parents, and even friends. Whatever the reason you need a camera for spying purposes we have just the right choice for you here. This particular pen camera is among the more affordable options for those who are on a budget. But don’t let the word “budget” fool you. While this pen camera is affordable, its cost does not reflect its quality. The product is a high-quality pen and camera, with both devices having the ability to work independently or even at the same time. 

Why should you choose this particular pen camera above others on the market? Keep reading to find out all you need to know to make an informed choice. We have included all the information needed to help you make your decision and at the end of it, all the product is backed by great reviews.  Best of all, we included information based on our experience with the item so you know exactly how the pen will stand up to real-world use. 

About the Pen Camera 

The pen camera is the ideal option if you are looking for a pen that also doubles as a camera recorder with a beautiful design. This pen features a very discreet camera which can be hidden with the included removable pen clip. This is a design feature we really enjoy as it is both protective and functional. With this clip, you can keep your pen camera a secret when not in use as a camera and you will also be protecting the lens from damage. 

With one-button operation, this little pen with a camera embedded is easy to use as it uses a single button operation. Get your videos and photos quickly and simply thanks to its flawless and easy to use design. The one-button operation helps to make a discreet video recording a breeze so you can start recording at any time and in pretty much any position when the right moment presents itself. This is especially true if you are using this little camera for sleuthing purposes. And as we speak of sleuthing purposes… what can you use this little device for?

This pen is useful for all sorts of activities, including for the collection of evidence, it can be used in meetings, it can be used as a nanny cam and so much more. The pen can also be used to capture recordings and will maintain great quality footage when used both indoors as well as when used outdoors. It captures videos at 2K video resolution and captures photos with a 20-megapixel quality camera. It also has a function where it can take a photo with the detection of motion. For professional shooting, the video camera can provide a quality of 720P @60fps. The camera also has the option to record in 1080P mode as well. The pen camera allows the option for a time and date stamp to be added on each video. There is also the option to apply a custom label or name to your video if you are using this for capturing evidence as in the case of an investigation agency etc. 

This camera has an operating time of up to one hour for continuous recording, while this may not be as much as some other cameras it does make up for it in the charge time. The charge time of this camera battery is 15 minutes, so even if it runs out you can easily get it back up and recording in less than half an hour. This fast charging time is one of the features that sets this pen camera apart from its competitors as most others have charge times of 30 minutes. The first time charge for this pen is also a bit shorter than typical other pen cameras. This pen can be charged in 3 and a half hours while others require 4 hours of charging for the first time charge. 

One of the better qualities of this pen device is that of its compatibility. The pen camera is compatible with both MAC and OS devices and so using your footage and photographs outside of the camera itself will be a breeze. With included cables for transferring files, all you need to get started using the pen camera are right at your fingertips. 


  • 1296P/1080P @ 30fps video resolution 
  • 720P @60fps video resolution
  • H.264 video format
  • MOV format
  • PCM audio format
  • JPG 4352×3264 photo resolution 
  • 5 megapixel CMOS camera
  • Built-in 32 GB memory
  • A battery life of 60 minutes
  • 2.0 USB interface
  • DC-5V (500MA) charging voltage 
  • 3.5 hours initial charging time
  • 65-degree view angle
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7/8/10, Apple Mac OS X – 10
  • Motion detection capture 

What You Get With Your Purchase 

  • 1 HD Pen camera
  • 2 ink refills
  • 2 USB cables 
  • 1 AC adapter 
  • 1 Pin for reset
  • 1 User manual 

Using your new Spy Pen Camera 

When you get your brand new spy pen with a camera you will get a set of instructions with it. Remove your pen from its packaging along with all the included items. Once out of the packaging you will need to charge your pen. The first time charge recommended is approximately 4 hours.  After this initial charge, you can turn your pen on by pressing the function button. The blue light will indicate that the pen is standby mode. 

To Record a Video 

Press and hold the top function button until you see the blue indicator turn to green. When the light is green this means that recording has started. To stop the recording you can simply press the function button once, you know the recording has stopped if the indicator light has changed to blue. At this time the pen camera will be in standby mode. You can press the function button to return to the recording mode. 

To Take Photos 

With the pen in standby mode which is indicated by the blue light, you can engage camera mode by pressing the function button twice in quick succession. You will see the pen alternate between blue and green lights which will indicate that the pen is now in photo mode. Pressing the button once at this time will take a photo. To return to standby mode you can press the function button again twice, in quick succession. There should be the blue indicator light to show you are now back to standby mode. 

To Activate Motion Detection Mode 

From standby mode with the blue indicator light on, press the function button in quick succession 4 times. The light will flash green which will indicate that the pen camera is now in motion detection mode. You can place the pen and it will take a photo whenever it detects motion. To get back to standby mode, simply once again press the function button in quick succession 4 times. 

Getting Photos and Videos from your Spy Pen

When you are done using your spy pen to get all the photographs and video footage you need, or when your memory storage is full. It is now time to move your stored data from the pen over to your computer or another preferred storage device. With one of the included USB cables, plug the pen into your computer. You can now access the MicroSD from your computer files interface and here you can see all the pictures and video footage that has been saved to your pen camera. Now you have the choice to move these to your computer by simply copy and paste or cut and paste operations. Moving the files before viewing them is the best way to view them as this will ensure the best quality viewing and playback experience. 

Editing Time Stamp on Files

If you want to add a date stamp to your files or if you want to change the date stamp you can do so. When your pen is connected to your computer, go into the MicroSD file and look for the file titled “time.txt” file. Accessing this file will allow you to change the time and date of your files. You would also go here to change the title of files in the event you want to give them a name instead of a date and time stamp. 

After Removing Footage

Once you have moved your images and video footage from the pen camera you will now be left with more space to do more recordings and take more photos. If you had chosen to copy the files to your computer then you will find that you still have the files on the pen. Do a check to ensure that all files were moved to the specified file on your computer. Once you are certain they are there, you can go ahead and delete any files left on the internal storage of the pen. This will bring your memory back to the original 32GB capacity and your pen will be ready for the next task, or a round of work. 

Charging your Spy Pen Camera

Your first-time charge as mentioned before should last for a full 4 hours. After the initial charge, whenever your pen runs out of battery life you can simply recharge it. The recharge time for this pen is approximately 15 minutes which is one of the main reasons we love this option so much. 


  • Great video and audio quality 
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Records clear video 
  • Small and inconspicuous camera 
  • 60 minute continuous running time
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in 32 GB memory 
  • USB 2.0 compatible 
  • Easy to use 
  • One button operation
  • Quick 15 minute charge time
  • Great reviews from owners/users
  • Records video and audio
  • Motion detection capture 
  • Value-added items included with purchase
  • Great value for money


  • Cannot use insert able memory so you’re stuck with just the built-in 32GB
  • Instructions are printed in a small font which makes them hard to read 

Why We Love It

The Pen Camera is a very feature-rich device, which is made of durable materials and with a very intuitive and ergonomic design. It has a number of industry-leading features that set it apart from its competitors and it is affordably priced to boot. It is a great multipurpose item that comes complete with the ability to record video, capture images and will record audio along with video footage as well. 

We love that this camera comes in a very inconspicuous pen design which makes it a great choice for discrete video footage and photography capture. It is affordably priced and is compatible for use with both Mac and PC systems. It features a built-in 32GB memory and as such, the pen has the ability to record up to 60 minutes of continuous video along with audio within a specified range of distance. It is small, lightweight and with the removable clip, you can cover the lens of the camera when not in use to keep a low profile. It is also a working pen so it can be used regularly for all of your writing tasks including, taking notes, signing documents, etc. 

If you are looking for the ideal spy pen camera for personal use or agency use, this is an affordable option and a great choice. The pen camera is a sturdy usable pen and camera combo that will allow you to discreetly record video footage and capture images as needed. 

In addition to our experience with this pen camera we have seen quite a bit of excellent user reviews supporting our experience with the camera. It is indeed a great buy that poses great value for money. You won’t lose out if you opt to make this spy pen camera your pen camera of choice.

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