Best Security Cameras for this Holiday Season

1. Vantrue N2 pro Dual facing Camera Dash-Cam

You’ll be on the road this holiday season and it’s no better time to protect yourself from insurance fraudsters or people that may damage your car or property. This dashcam boasts Dual 1080P, At the front you can get 1440P@30fps or 1080P 60fps. It comes equipped with an infrared sony sensor to tackle those low light conditions. It comes equipped with motion activated recording mode so even when your car is parked somewhere and off it will record whenever motion is detected. This unit comes with an 18 month warranty and supports up to 256GB storage. There is also an optional GPS and loop recording where the camera will delete the oldest footage first and save the most recent ones when it’s low on space.
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2. Sequro GuardPro DIY Wireless Home Security Camera System

If you’ve been searching for a simple, functional home camera system that you can set up by yourself then this is the true DIY’ers system. Comes with two cameras, a monitor and is a wireless camera system. No need for running cables or any of that technical stuff. Features a 7” screen and waterproof security cameras. You can also remotely view your cameras from a PC, your android or IOS phones and devices. The cameras can be up to 1000ft away from the wireless access point giving you a lot of flexibility in placing them at the perfect spots. The system also comes with night vision and motion detection recording. It is truly all you need if you’re looking for a DIY security camera system.
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3. LTmade 1296p Hidden Pen Camera

Full 2K 20MP hidden camera. Very discreet hidden camera and the clip on the pen are removable if you don’t want or need to use them. You can switch to recording mode and get 720p @ 60fps. Simple one button operation to remain very discreet. You can leave it on your coat or carry it around on your shirt or blouse to capture any footage or audio recording that you think you may need.
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4. 1080p Hidden WIFI Clock Camera

Need a nanny cam or just something discreet at home so you can gather some evidence? Well this is as discreet as it gets. 1920x1080p @30fps, Infrared for night vision and low light. The Camera features can be controlled with a simple app on your phone making it much more discreet and the lens is professionally hidden so even with a light pointing in the clock’s glass display it is undetectable.
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5. Digital photo frame with Hidden WIFI Camera

Simply connect to WIFI and place this digital picture frame where you need it. You can remotely connect to the hidden camera and view or download photos and videos from anywhere in the world. It comes equipped with night vision but the infrared sensors do not glow so it is undetectable in the dark as well. No cords or hassles to get this set up. Simply place it where you want it and connect it to your HOme WIFI. Motion detection alarm included. Whenever motion is detected you will get an alarm notification on your smartphone and a 10-20 second view of the event. Battery powered and rated at 365 days of standby power so no need to charge the portable hidden camera frequently. It only records whenever motion is detected so your battery will retain its power.
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